Friday, 9 June 2017

Christmas Card Ideas

When it comes to creating a Christmas greeting card, many things have to be considered. For example the material used for the cards needs to be taken into consideration, the color scheme needs to be thought out, the items for the project need to be planned and purchased and most importantly, a list of your intended recipients needs to be created.

Sounds like a lot, right? With a little planning and some Christmas card ideas, you can be on your way to making that list and checking it twice! All of this within the time you have to spare. Its as simple as planning an easy project which produces unique, personal and one of a kind greeting cards.

Supply Ideas for Your Christmas CardsConsider easy to use supplies such as card stock, or pre-made plain greeting cards. You can choose the colors that you want, they look nice and theyre easy to use. Pre-made cards are usually also pre-folded and come with matching envelopes.You may also need: glue, scissors, plain white paper, designer paper to use as dcor, colored pens, colored pencils, stencils, glitter and small foam decorations to use on greeting cards.

Creative Ideas for Your Christmas CardsPrint your standard greeting (or personal greetings for each person if you prefer) and print them, gluing them to the inside of each greeting card. You can also custom write each card, if you choose this option consider using a calligraphy pen or something unexpected like water colors and a very thin paint brush!Consider using foam dcor (such as Christmas trees, snowmen and cottages) for the front of the cards. Inside, small stickers and effects such as snow or ornaments are great ideas. You can create 3-D effects with the foam dcor, and a totally original design can come from each card that you do.

Other Christmas Card IdeasDecorate your borders with thick green and red markers, creating a holiday design of ornaments around the edge of the inside of the card.Consider including a family picture in the card somehow. You can do this by attaching it to the card itself, or by simply placing it inside the card before sealing it in the envelope.

Dont forget to create a made by sticker to put on the back of the card. This helps to really create a homemade effect that friends and family members will appreciate.

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