Thursday, 1 June 2017

Baby Bedrooms - Decorating Ideas When You Don't know Your Baby's Sex

You, on the other hand have chosen not to be advised of your baby's sex before giving birth. For whatever reason, the element of surprise is important to you.
The only problem is all the decorating ideas that you like seem to be gender-specific. If the themes for baby bedrooms include objects you like, their either too light or too dark. If the color is exact, then the theme is either too masculine or too feminine.
What you want for your baby bedrooms are themes with colors that just say baby...not boy baby or girl baby.

Baby Bedrooms

You're committed to bringing up your child with the mindset that he or she can be anything he or she wants regardless of being male or female. Stereotypical nursery themes just aren't your cup of tea.
You already know that you aren't going to be using any of the baby bedrooms that are basically all blue or pink. Nor will you be using any nursery themes that are mostly dolls or cowboys. From what you've seen, nearly all of the decorating themes for babies seem to lean directly one way or the other.
You aren't really attracted to animal patterns or storybook characters as choices often used for decorating baby bedrooms. As cute as they are, they're just not, what you genuinely want to use in the room.

You're not being difficult or hard to please, but just want your baby bedroom to represent a sense of balance. Are there decorating options that can create that sense of harmony? Sure there've just been bombarded with too many ideas of what mass marketers think is what you should use in your nursery.
Consider these decorating ideas for baby bedrooms. They're a welcome change from what most manufacturers are offering. You'll find them to be your needed breath of fresh air.
Plaid - baby bedrooms.Using plaid fabrics is a great choice in decorating your nursery. Some people confuse plaid with checked fabrics.

Plaid fabrics, while in squares, actually have multiple colors weaved together into each square.
Checks, on the other hand have only one color per square. Look for plaids that have combinations of soft colors mixed with bold colors.
You can even find plaids that are either completely pastel if you prefer lighter shades. Since plaid has many colors weaved together it is easy to match it with current carpeting or other floor coverings. This could save stretch your decorating budget considerably.
Checks - baby bedrooms.You can use two or more different colors to create a bold statement. Two or more shades of one color will give you a softer look. A unique color combination in checks is using bright orange in combination with a soft peach.

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If you want bolder color, include canary yellow checks and pale yellow checks. This could be the perfect beginning of a nursery decorated in a sunshine theme. Paint a mural of a sunrise or a smiling sun and you're set.
Combinations of emerald green checks and pastel green checks lend well to creating a garden theme. Bright red ladybugs and black and yellow bumblebees are great accents in garden themed nurseries.
Stripes - baby bedrooms.With stripes, you can use two or more shades of one color stripe for a soft look.

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