Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Finding the Perfect Wall Color

We all know how difficult choosing a paint color can be, especially after you have purchased one or two gallons of paint only to find out that the color is all wrong.  Well, don’t panic — there are a few simple steps you can take before any purchases are made that can help you decide if a color is right for you.  First, decide what is staying and what is going in the room.  

Once this decision is made, it is helpful to bring something with you to the paint store, such as a pillow or curtain valance, to check some wall colors against the items that will be staying in the room.  If a kitchen is being remodeled, it is helpful to bring a small sample of the countertop along with a cabinet drawer and a floor tile.  Even if these items seem very neutral, the wall color will need to work with the undertones of these items for the room to come together and look cohesive.If you are starting with a clean slate and plan to purchase everything new for the room, it may be helpful to shop for some items, such as rugs or accent pillows, to give you ideas for a color palette.

Of course, you need to consider what colors are in the rooms adjacent to the room you are designing.   Remember, it is important to work within the same color palette for your main living space (living room, dining room, kitchen, etc.) and to make sure the wall colors are balanced, as well as coordinated with the fabrics and furniture in the rooms.

This will help your home flow from room to room and not look disjointed. Because the lighting in paint stores is very different from that in most homes, it is important to take the paint chips home to look at on the walls that are to be painted.  Check to see if the paint store has larger paint chips or sample jars; this will help you see a larger area of the new color to better help you make your decision.  It is also important to look at the colors at night as well as during the day.  Colors can look dramatically different throughout the day, so make sure you like the color as much during the day as at night.  Switching to energy-efficient, softer white bulbs will usually help colors look pleasing to the eye because they don’t cast a cool light like fluorescents do.

Finding a color that looks fresh is also an important consideration. Some of the newer colors that are being forecasted for 2011 are deeper neutrals, such as coffee, mochas, and caramel tones.  

Grays will also surpass browns for a newer neutral.  Violets will also continue to be popular, but toned down with gray undertones. Dark aubergine and amethyst will be used as a bold accent on walls.  Visit Benjamin Moore.com for more information on 2011 color trends.Kerry O’Hara is the owner of Color Perspectives.  Her services include in-home color consultations, interior decorating, and space planning.

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